Taking a 'Sound Bath' at the Seaboard Spa

Video: Taking a 'Sound Bath' at the Seabourn Spa· about River or Ocean CruisesYou may be familiar with treating yourself to a massage, reflexology, or other spa wellness treatments while you're on holiday. But an Amethyst Crystal Sound Bath? That's... read more

If you think bigger is better,You'll love the new largest ship at sea!

If You Think Bigger is Better, You'll Love the New Largest Ship at Sea· about River or Ocean CruisesMarch 31st 2018 was a red-letter day in marine lore. Royal Caribbean's Symphony of the Seas set sail with her first group... read more

What happens to Worn-Out Hotel Sheets? A Good News Story

What Happens to Worn-Out Hotel Sheets? A Good News Story· about HotelsHow many times can your hotel sheets be slept in once, then washed, and slept in again before they're too worn to use one more time? We don't know.But... read more

Flying High in New Zealand's Fiordland

about New Zealand

FLYING HIGH IN NEW ZEALAND’S FIORDLANDApril 5, 2018 / By NomadicMatt“How do you do on boats?”“I love ’em,” I said gripping the seat of the plane tightly.“Well, just picture turbulence as waves you can’t see,” the pilot said with a... read more

Biking the Slow Road from China to Laos

When moving slowly, the lines on a map take on a new, more granular reality. The real Zomia comes into being between the cities and the sights, along the hazy sections of hot dusty road that most motorists snooze through.... read more